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As planned, I met my friend who is a licensed financial adviser as my first step to financial literacy.

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Here's what transpired and my corresponding thoughts...

Prior to our meeting, I shared to him that I may be able to save 3000 per month based on my current salary and expenditures. So, he discussed with me an insurance & investment plan based on the amount I said I was capable of.

The benefits of the insurance policy he offered included if I die by accident or if I get permanent disability and hospitalization.

But what I was really interested to was when he explained that if I will be able to save and invest Php 3000 per month from 37 until I was 60 years old (totalling to Php 828,000), I will be able to receive a little more than 1.5 million in return. This was only a projection, considering 10% interest per annum and compounded continuously of the money I've invested.

Wow! To me that would be a lot. The most cash I have seen in my entire life is Php 350,000. What a nice retirement bonus! If I'll have my way, when I reach 60, I would just be blogging and if physically possible play badminton. My mind was in overdrive on how I can come up with the money to invest consistently.

Of course, the bubble burst immediately. In life, nothing is certain but taxes and death. So, inquired if I miss to pay for the monthly investment. He said that I will be given 30 days to pay up which means I have to pay double in the next month. And when worse comes to worst, I will be able to withdraw the money I invested with some deductions.

There's a good chance that I will sign up for this insurance and investment policy.


One Small Step to Financial Literacy Hopefully Will be A Great Leap Towards My Financial Freedom

I have an important appointment today with a licensed financial advisor, who fortunately came from the same high school. I am hoping this could be the Apollo-11 moment of my life.

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After being amused by the passionate discussion about the cons of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Schemes in Facebook, I've realized one important aspect of my life that I've given less attention to - Financial.

I know of the importance of savings and monitoring your expenses. I have some savings (but that is for getting married and starting a family of my own) and I have monitored my expenses daily since 2008.

But after that, I have no idea on how I can better prepare myself for my future and that of my future family.

As if by good coincidence, financial literacy has been a buzz word in our alumni org's website.

I took that to mean that the universe is telling me that the time is now for me to start my financial literacy and work towards financial freedom.

I am looking forward to my meeting later. Hopefully, I do not get nosebleed from discussions on investments, insurance and whatnots.


A Surge of Realization: I CAN & SHOULD Pursue My Blogging Passion

Energized by an eventful and productive weekend, I decided to utilize my lunch break by blogging.

And as if the universe is conspiring, I got to read this wonderful article from Lifehacker that provided me a surge in realization - that I CAN & SHOULD pursue my passion for Blogging.

As I checked my favorite websites via, I read Lifehacker's article that seemed practically appropriate for my current state in life. As if it was written exactly for me to read it today.

Your Day Job Isn't an Excuse to Not Pursue Your Passion

by Patrick Allan

Most creative minds in history did not have the pleasure of sitting around only working on what they wanted. They had day jobs—just like you—because they still had to put food on the table, but that didn't stop them.
Look for the moments, the brief periods of time you have to do what you like and exploit them. Instead of taking that time to think about how tired, busy, or unhappy you are, use it to move forward with what you love. It takes time to do great things. Earnestly look for time to work on what you want, but be patient. Don't quit your day job, just take advantage of it.
In a span of 23 days, I came up with 12 posts to various blogs. The posts were not pulitzer-prize winning piece or something. But a tiny sense of accomplishment fills me up to have come up with those.



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