65th Palanca Awards Calling for Entries

For a wannabee writer like me, I have fantasized to make my mark on Philippine Literature.

That's why finding out via Rappler about the 65th Palanca Awards calling for entries, elicited my past wetdreams of literary grandeur.

Image via Rappler.com Article

Oh, well. Enough of this pangagarap ng gising.

But for those writers seriously considering submitting an entry, you may not want to passed up this chance for recognition.

Unfortunately, details in the article are incomplete. Worse the official website of Palanca Awards are currently being upgraded.

Interested participants may submit only one entry per category. Contest rules and forms are available at any of the Palanca Foundation offices listed below, or may be downloaded from the official CPMA website at palancaawards.com.ph.

Entries may be submitted through any of the following means: (1) through the official CPMA website, (2) by mail, or (3) directly to the Palanca Foundation offices, either at Unit 603, 6th Floor Park Trade Centre Bldg., 1716 Investment Drive, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City or at Unit 3G, OPL Bldg., 100 C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Winners will be awarded at a special ceremony to be held on 1 September 2015. Participants may contact the CPMA Administrator Mrs. Leslie Layoso through the website or at (632) 511-0003; +639108878552, or +639255560457 for assistance.

via Rappler.com



It is so early in the day but I feel quite overwhelmed. It feels like there is this internal chaos that I could hardly breathe. Duncan Sheik's famous song comes to mind.

I feel bottled up.

Then I remembered one of the early famous bloggers, Leo Babauta who became famous for writing about simple living. I am glad I did because that led me to his Zen Habits blog and his The Beginner’s Guide to Zen Habits: A Guided Tour.

Leo's first recommendation was to BREATHE. So, yeah. I breathed in. Breathed out. And I instantly felt better. Greatly aided by this simple but effective quote he shared:

‘Smile, breathe and go slowly.’ ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Feeling better and thinking a bit more clearly, I also heeded his advice to put the word "BREATHE" as my screensaver or desktop pic.

I downloaded wallpapers showing green natures, put the word "BREATHE" on them and made a slideshow of them as my desktop background. I also made a note to self, to just see my laptop's desktop slideshow whenever I feel anxious or negative or something.

The only caveat was that I am using Windows Home Basic on my laptop which does not support slideshow.

Normally, such snags encountered will shove to a funk. But I remembered to BREATHE.

I was able to find a come around. John's Background Switcher was heaven sent. Hat tip to John!


I DID IT! My Insurance & Investment Policy from Pru Life UK

I did it!

Finally, I received the copy of my insurance & investment policy last night.

I am really glad that I have taken a concrete step towards a more favorable future when I grow old or some consolation to those I will leave behind when I die.

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

- Benjamin Franklin

After ample consultations with friends whom I consider good with their finances, I availed of a variable universal life insurance (VUL) plan from Pru Life UK. Basically, it is an insurance plan with investment. In a VUL, your money does not only pay for the insurance premium but also get invested.

I preferred VUL over life insurance because I figured that if I suddenly die, I have no clear beneficiaries since both of my parents already passed away and I have yet to get married.

Good thing for me, a friend is an authorized financial adviser of Pru Life UK. He was able to offer me a VUL policy customized to my financial capability.

For a monthly premium of Php 2, 716.33, payable in 10 years, I have a permanent disability/accidental death coverage of Php 900, 000. The policy also offers Php 1,000 hospital allowance per day.

But what I am really excited about is that the money I pay is invested by Pru Life UK to their equite fund and it can grow up to as much as Php 1.4 Million. Although that is looking much farther down the road, I think that amount is more than enough to take care of a 65 year old me.

I also registered my policy to Pru Life UK's online facility so that I can track it anywhere.

My next step to financial freedom is to get a health insurance.



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