Retrieving Hidden Files in a USB via Command Prompt

For the nth time, I've again encountered the virus/malware/whatever that hides all the files inside your flash drive or USB. Unluckily, I forgot the complete syntax to unhide them though I used to do it before. I had to google it to recall. I am blogging it here in case I forgot how to retrieve hidden files in a USB again.

Here's how I retrieved the files hidden in my USB on my PC.

I clicked Start on my windows, then typed in CMD

In the command prompt, you need to go the drive assigned to the USB. In my case, it's drive D. Then just type the whole syntax as shown in the image below.

When the drive re-appears, it means that the files have been recovered or unhidden. When you check your USB, a folder with no folder name will then appear. Inside it are all the files previously stored in your USB.

With this, I shall never forget how to recover/retrieve files hidden in any of my flash drives or USBs.


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