Foundation Day Fun

I was back in my beloved Sisters of Mary School grounds for the 23rd Foundation Day celebration.

The Sisters of Mary School was founded on August 15, 1985 by Fr. Aloysius Schwartz and has since took care of thousands of underprivileged children, providing spiritual formation, free secondary education (with board & lodging) and industry-recognized technical skills that has transformed the lives of its graduates. Thus, August 15 is the birthday of all students, graduates and personnel of the Sisters of Mary.

As part of the celebrations, graduates are invited to return to the school and are given the chance to facilitate games and sponsor gifts to the children.

For four years running, this activity has been a form of reunion to us, Batch 1995 graduates.

It has provided us a time in our respective busy lives to get to know what's up with our friends and batchmates.

Amidst the exchange of greetings, the updating of current lives, the funny reminiscing of our students' past, the unending punchlines and anecdotes, we became instantly united as one family to give the children assigned to us the best that we could to offer.

Facilitating the games brought us back to the simple days where candies, chocolates and simple gifts can make us the happiest person in the world. It's a poignant moment for me when I feel a little tug in my heart upon seeing the children flash their widest smiles, hear them hoarse their voices with their cheers and give their all in competition.

And when they got to saying thank you, it is in those moments when I feel I can come to Fr. Al and proudly say that I have been a good older brother to his children even for only that one single instance.

We (graduates) were the one's who handed out the candies, the chocolates, the little prizes. And yet for me, it was I who got something better out of it. Something that I can't really describe or explain completely.

The children walked to their respective dormitories with prizes to enjoy for the next few days or so. I came out of the school with great memories and a little fulfillment that will last a lifetime.

This is our birthday. Me, and the graduates, received the better gift.

Thank you Fr. Al.

P.S. Batchmates & Friends, see you all next year!

A fellow alumnus has this to say about this event.


Anonymous said...

Thanks bro. You moved me to tears. See you in December.Rex to.

monchie delos santos said...

How Can i ever forget those memories when we saw each other again and update our personal lives and achievements? I know that compare to most of our batchmates, i can say that still im in the period of struggling and fighting for my everyday survival,,,, but the thought of my family accepting me for what ia am and supporting me through all the years make me feel that sumhow im on the peak of the mountain of success,,, though im not that rich in money, i have a lot of friends who lend their ears whenever i need sum1 to talk to and a shoulder to cry on,,, i just wish we could get in touch more often and continue sharing to others the thought and spirituality of our beloved founder and spiritual adviser,,, given a chance, i would loved to bring back those times when we're still there,, praying, learning, playing, and touching each life.. im deadly missing you all guys..

arieste said...

Yes bro as you wish........... me and Ronald can wear bahag na lang? heheheheheh! hope to see each other again. Thank you!

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