More MRT woes

These days even arriving early in MRT stations can not a guarantee a fairly comfortable commuting experience.

True, the number of commuters increased because of the recent spate of transportation fare increased. Thus, the logical thing to do is be early and avoid as much as possible the mob of commuters. But as unfortunate as it was one train malfunction can doom you to a worse riding predicament.

Just this morning, I witnessed one train that never opened its door, apparently a malfunction. What I can't understand is the next four or five trains that skipped. One man who could not take that any longer had outbursts in front of the ticketing office.

I hoped that MRT administrators would suspend the time limit for tickets in those times when operation has a malfunction. It is not the commuters' fault and definitely not their desire to have a prolonged stay in MRT platforms.

It happened to me once. Good thing ( or bad ) that I have a stored value card. I was deducted 15 pesos more because I exceeded 75 minutes inside the station. I was in a hurry then for an appointment that I never raise a complain. For those having single journey tickets, this experience would come with the additional stress of being denied exit.

Perhaps bloggers who do ride the mrt can have some form of campaign to get the attention of MRT authorities.


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