Ultimate Cola Showdown

Finally, a showdown between beverages giants: Coca Cola vs. Pepsi Cola from halohalo.ph. An online poll that can, at the very least show, which is more popular or more preferred.

What is best? Coca-Cola or Pepsi vote now and win 1 years supply of it.
What is best? Coca-Cola or Pepsi vote now and win 1 years supply of it.

Just ignore the use of grammar. Hehehe! Why don't you join? Good Luck! ;)

DISCLAIMER: Join at your own risk. The author disclaims any liability from any kind of damages arising from joining this contest.

I have no idea what are the actual percentage of these two beverage makers in terms of market shares. But an online poll like this could be a good indicator. I am not particularly fond of drinking softdrink, but I prefer Pepsi.

I wish that the organizers of this poll will disclose the results.

Given the ubiquity of stores, fastfoods and malls here in the Philippines, its pretty clear that softdrink have been a part of Filipino eating habits. As such, we can definitely compare the two.

A one year supply? That would certainly help softdrink lovers have their fix! If you like cola, you better join in this ultimate cola showdown.

In case you win, though, I would like to suggest that you drink it moderately.


Aries said...

I prefer like Pepsi :)

carenmeman said...

I like Pepsi too! Hello kumpare! Thank you for visiting my site...Btw I included you and Ranel in my list of "I love your blog award!" hehehe

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