Apple iPod Touch games we love to play

My girlfriend's latest tech toy is an Apple Ipod touch. I had the privilege of using it too whenever we're together. The touch screen technology is really cool especially in the first instances that your finger tips come into contact.

The wi-fi feature is also great but I doubt if you would really enjoy surfing with it because of the size of the screen.

We both favor the games and has been competitive to most of it. Its really fun with the heckling and distracting and all that stuff while playing all of them

Here are our favorite Apple iPod Touch games. They are the free versions. Should you also like to play them, you can find them at the Apple Store.

1. Dactyl

This game needs fast finger-to-eye coordination in diffusing the bombs. Otherwise, all the bombs blow up.

This is actually the first game I played on her iPod touch and I was immediately hooked.

2. Scramboni

This online game will test your vocabulary skills and more. You need to get the correct word and at the same time place the red colored letter tile at the beginning or the end of the word. The fastest to get the correct word will be awarded the most points. The game consists of 20 rounds. It also has three levels and I have yet to reach level 3. It is disappointing when you are leading then all of a sudden you get disconnected.

3. Gaia Lite

This stand alone game is our most favorite. The object of the game is click the same kind of figures and has four levels. For the past few days we are breaking each other's mark. Although as of today, my GF is on the 50, 000 mark that I have yet to break. And I only got the chance to play the game when we meet this weekend. So she got more days to taunt me.

Images were taken from the Apple Store.


ur # 1 fan said...

marami ka pang kakaining bigas! wahehehe!

di mo padin natatalo yung dactyl score ko, better catch up. hehehe.

Enid said...

Hi there Pare! I tagged you by the way just visit my blogsite!

Anonymous Emotera said...

happy halloween! have a nice weekend...

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