Blogging in September

September saw me become much more active in blogging. More particularly with my sports blog because it was also the month of UAAP Basketball. But I was also able to add some entries here in my original blog.

This is a sort of look back and a self-evaluation at the same time.

One thing positive from being out of job (yet again!) is having a lot of idle time in my hands. And as I subject myself to occasional pessismism and self-doubt, blogging has helped stitch up that tattered confidence slowly.

Despite intermittent internet and PC resources, I was able to come up with entries every now and then, especially for my sports blog. UAAP Basketball energized the sportsfan in me and gave me enough material to blog about. Although, I have yet to master SEO in my blog posts, I was glad to see from google webmaster tools statistics that my sports blog shows up in organic searches.

That translated to more traffic and generated a more noticeable online income. I have three online income sources now. Although, they may seem loose change, it was income nonetheless and a significant improvement compared to the first six months combined.

A great portion of traffic for my blogs come from Entrecard. So, I would like to thank the top EC dropper for this blog for the month of September, Subjective Soup. Patricia, a recently retired teacher from Illinois maintains that personal diary.

I was also able to consolidate entries from previous different blogs into one and will be my personal blog from now on. This blog will focused more on blogging, making money online, personal finance, internet and media.

I would like to keep the momentum going and I hope I get to be approved to two more income sources.

For those of you who also love blogging, just keep doing what you love, and if there is a chance to make some money on the side, then so be it.



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