Views Counter For Every Blog Post or Entry

Inspired by Azrael Coladilla's blog, I added a new feature in my blogs - views counter for every blog post or entry.

Isn't it sleek to find out which of your entries is read the most?

I was browsing his blog and got curious how every post in it has a number views indicator. Clicking upon it, I was directed to this blog that gives easy to follow instruction how to do so. All you need to do is add set of codes or a script in your html template and presto!

Now, I do have the means to know if my entries are actually being read. The only problem is that the feature can not identify the view if its from the same visitor or from a different one. Also, I think this feature is more ideal for sites already enjoying a good number of traffic.

For less-traffic sites like mine, it would perhaps give visitors the perception that nobody reads my content. Nevertheless, I will just take the low number of views as an extra motivation in improving my blogging.

Thanks to Azrael & Anuj. Happy Blogging everyone! ;)


~euo~ said...

ganda ng theme ah..

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