300 Entrecard Drop Experiment

This blogs main traffic source is Entrecard. I thought I try to make an experiment of sorts.

I decided to post a new entry to my prepaid cellphone portal blog and then drop like crazy until I reached the minimum allowed drops for a day which is 300.

Entrecard is a unique blogging community. It's existence is based on the principle of each member visiting other member's blog. A member earns credit whenever he "drops" [done by clicking the entrecard widget on that blog indicated by the word DROP] and visit another member's blog. Credits may be used to place an advertisement to other member blogs. At the same time, members earn credit whenever they allow other members to advertise on their blog.

The day after this short increase, there was a noticeable increase in the adsense impression and CTR for that blog of mine. But I can not say for sure if the CTR increase is due to this entrecard experiment. The negative side of that was I needed almost 3 hours to accomplish 300 drops to 300 different blogs.

How about you? How do you promote your blog?


John | English Wilderness said...

How many drops back did you get after dropping 300?

I think it's best to drop on the most popular blogs as they're more likely to be active and drop back :-)

plin said...

I usually drop 100 a day and that takes about an hour or so. As for reference, I usually receive 60~70 "return" drops.

I also try to write comments on the blog that I do find interesting =)

doms said...

John & Plin,

drop backs? that I did not really observed. Thanks for the heads up though. next time I would keep that in mind. ;)

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