Making Money Online with Entrecard

It used to be just a blog community where you can promote your site or blog for free. Now, Entrecard gives its members the chance to directly make money thru its Cashout Service.

This is a snapshot of the payments I received from Entrecard.

make money with entrecard

The Entrecard Cash Out Service gives members the option to convert credits - they accumulated thru dropping and displaying other member ads - into cash. A dollar per one thousand credits, the payment is send to the member's Paypal account.

Hopefully, the credits-to-cash rate would increase. ;)


Alexander said...

Wow you're earning na. Painom ka naman hehehe

Leo the Parisian said...

Did it take long to approve your cash out request ? I've heard it often takes a couple of weeks before you're approved to cash out some EC.

Anyway I may end up applying myself for the cash-out program but for now I haven't got 5000EC to take out of the system, I'd rather buy more ads, and launch silly contests (such as the poetry one I'm currently running ^^), but it's still nice to know "you can" cash out some EC :)

doms said...

@ Kuya Alex,

kuya, matumal pa eh... saka eto na lang ang source of income ko... wish me a lot of luck ;)

@ Leo the Parisian,

well, it also took a while before my cash out application was approved. I even have linked blogs that are still not yet approved.

But I can tranfer the credits to the ones that were already approved.

Hopefullly, EC approved all those who applied like

Mary A. said...

I am still a beginner with entrecard and learning the ropes. I think that it is a great system for bloggers for traffic also.

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