Made Some Money Online - $13.60 from Project Wonderful

Finally, some truth to my blog's tagline. I made some money online thru project wonderful. I know it may be loose change, but I'm just glad I can't help but post it here.

make money online thru projectwondeful
Project wonderful is an online adverstising broker, providing the facility for advertisers to bid for ad spots through their network of blogs which include two of my blogs.

Of course, your blog need to be approved first by project wonderful. Once they do, you make money every time an advertiser place advertisement on the adspace on your blog. Projectwonderful provides statistics on traffic and bids. So more traffic on your blog makes it more appealing for advertiser to bid on your adspace. As advertiser bid against each other, the ad rate increases. When earnings reach at least 10$, you can withdraw it to your paypal account. (Project wonderful charges a dollar for the withdrawal transaction.

The one that made some money for me in projectwonderful was my first sports blog. It took a while, but at least, it's some dollars going to my paypal account. Somehow, it has given me a second-wind of sorts in being active again blogging. In fact, July of 2010 was me at my prolific best, blogging-wise.

Here's to more money earned from blogging! Cheers!


Marvelous motherhood said...

what about this project??

kristina said...

yey! congrats! :D

Sam said...

my first time to hear about ProjectWonderful. i also read your post about earning from your tweets. i'm gonna check it out, thanks!

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