State of My Blog: In dire need of Repair/Overhaul

Following US Pres. Obama's SOTU, this is the state of my blog and can definitely use a "sputnik moment"-of-sorts.

Image via flickr's kippster.

After a long time of neglect, this blog, my very first one, shamefully is in need of change.

Sigh. Sigh.

Where do I start? Should I replace the header first or do the entire blog template? Perhaps revise the overall topic of this blog? It's a pain for sentinmental reason and the procastinator within me is gaining the upper hand.

Darn it. I wish could just take it some place, like say, Dallas auto repair. But then, the mechanic might ask some questions, the way our company doctor asks, as if I'm faking calling it sick for the day. Even coming up with a make believe problem isn't easier like saying "this thing needs a brake job" and just hope he'll find out soon the real issues from there. Until he finally recommends a complete overhaul.

I've read a lot how to improve a blog over the internet. Honestly, all those readings never helped, just made things worse for me.

Or just maybe, I'll do the GMC route and come up with a totally new blog, ala-GMC's Chevrolet Silverado?


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