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Businesses who do not promote or advertise on blogs are leaving a lot on the table. Blog advertising is a great way to promote websites, products and services. In the cyberworld, marketing thru blogs is the equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising in the real world.

One of the best blog advertising platforms out there is offered by Blogsvertise.

Why utilize Blogsvertise?

  • Blogsvertise approves only quality blogs.
  • It connects advertisers to the most related blogs for their business/products/services.
  • It provide advertisers control over their blog marketing budgets.
  • Advertisers approves the quality of the blog entries that talks about their business/products/services.
  • Links on these blogs are do-follow and will stay there as long as the blog is existing.
For those looking to build buzz and build incoming links - utilize the power, influence and reach of blog advertising thru Blogsvertise.

Click Here to Advertise On My Blog

Click Here to Advertise on My Blog

It took a while before my blog was approved. And there are times when my blog entries for blogsvertise are rejected and needs to be edited. To my fellow bloggers, blogsvertise, is a great way to earn money. It is one of the first income I got out of blogging. So, I hope you give it a try as well as other blog advertising platforms out there. But ensure also that your blog have consistent quality content and that the posts you make for blog advertising are as honest as possible.

Here's to more business exposure and blog earnings thru blog advertising!


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