Interviewed by Mad Men, Declined Art Director Position Offered

Currently I am part of the disheartening statistics of those Filipinos looking for jobs.

Mad Men Job Interview Quiz
And as part of the process of job hunting, I am but looking forward to coming to interviews in the coming days. There's probably no better way but just go right ahead with those interviews and get over them with the soonest.

So, here is my most recent recent interview. An interview with Mad Men. And a mad offer for a position.

Mad Men is an American drama TV series set in the advertising world of the 1960's. The ad agency is called Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce whose office is at Madison Avenue. They are the men of Madison Avenue. Thus, the series title Mad Men.

I liked the TV series because I am fantasizing, shyly, that I can work in an ad agency. Except for too much smoking, I think I can survive working at such an industry. Plus, I have this feeling that I could enjoy an era where you're always wearing suits, ties, coats and hats.

Its official website has a job interview quiz section that I took. After seven "gruelling" questions, the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Ad Agency or Mad Men offered me a position. They are hiring me to be their next art director! LOL!

I can be creative with words. Sometimes when I'm lucky. But art? I wouldn't imagine it even if daydreaming is free! Hehehe! The best grade I got from my elementary Art class was 85%. That was only when my Nanay took pity of a downtrodden kid accustomed to getting 75 - 78% for his efforts.

Sorry, Don, Roger, Bert, Lane, Pete, Peggy & Harry. I'm really not a Mad Man after all. :D


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