PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from COOL to AWESOME at Buddy Edwin's Shop

PLDT's venture to upgrade the internet speeds of its myDSL plans - via its Internet to Sawa offering - can transform my internet experience at buddy Edwin's shop from "time-to-time COOL" to "regularly AWESOME". Not to mention, a boost in our friendship.

My internet connection at home is courtesy of a prepaid Smart Bro plugit. Passable but only because I consider myself a patient guy. But from time to time, I need some faster connection and a bigger PC to do some freelance work. It is during those times when buddy Edwin's shop really comes handy as it has PLDT myDSL.

If PLDT will indeed boost ALL of its myDSL plans, then I would benefit, too! My internet experience at Edwin's shop will turn to awesome and we get to hang out more. Oh, let me rephrase that (my buddy might visit this blog). It would be awesome to hang out with him more and get to enjoy a faster internet connection in the process. Hehehe!!!

PLDT's Internet to Sawa offering promises free speed upgrades on all its myDSL plans starting with Plan 3000 subscribers. Those lucky subscribers can enjoy up to 5 mbps speeds from the original up to 3 mbps plan they subscribed to.

Visit for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscripstion today!

I can't wait for buddy Edwin's plan 999 to also be upgraded. Every time I visit him, he always allow me online to sawa. The speed upgrade will certainly help me blog faster, join more Nuffnang's blog contests or finish my freelance projects easier.

Then, we can have more toma-to-sawa or kwentuhan-to-sawa after.


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