Thou Art, My Waterloo

As per Google, today is World Art Day. My least favorite day of the year since Art is my waterloo.

I love books except coloring books. For some reason, my stroke of the Crayola exceed drawing lines. And as far as I remember, I only know the color for (yellow), mountain (brown) and leaves (green). Color for other images or drawing will be on the first touch first come basis.

I hated Art then because it is the only subject that I obtain grades in the line of 7 - 75, 76, 77, 78, 79. My mother, probably seeing my disappointment, volunteered to draw one of my art projects. It was marked with an 84. It was a drawing of a tree, a guava tree, I think.

And that was my best grade ever.

This nice sketch of a tree reminds me of that drawing.

sketch of a tree
Image from this blogpost. All Rights Reserved to the Owner

When I took up engineering, I was so nervous of the Drawing subject. Thankfully, I have a T-square, a french curve and other drawing paraphernalia. And when it comes to worse, I am thankful of the tracing paper or a fellow student that draw for you for a minimal fee.

Sorry, Google. I can not share your celebration. But I was curious to see Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night. I know that it is the object of Don Mclean's Vincent and I correctly answered it in the only quiz contest that I won.

I can not see why the painting is so famous. But reading the details somehow made me understand.

Still, the best artwork for me is that of my mother.


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