A Surge of Realization: I CAN & SHOULD Pursue My Blogging Passion

Energized by an eventful and productive weekend, I decided to utilize my lunch break by blogging.

And as if the universe is conspiring, I got to read this wonderful article from Lifehacker that provided me a surge in realization - that I CAN & SHOULD pursue my passion for Blogging.

As I checked my favorite websites via feedly.com, I read Lifehacker's article that seemed practically appropriate for my current state in life. As if it was written exactly for me to read it today.

Your Day Job Isn't an Excuse to Not Pursue Your Passion

by Patrick Allan

Most creative minds in history did not have the pleasure of sitting around only working on what they wanted. They had day jobs—just like you—because they still had to put food on the table, but that didn't stop them.
Look for the moments, the brief periods of time you have to do what you like and exploit them. Instead of taking that time to think about how tired, busy, or unhappy you are, use it to move forward with what you love. It takes time to do great things. Earnestly look for time to work on what you want, but be patient. Don't quit your day job, just take advantage of it.
In a span of 23 days, I came up with 12 posts to various blogs. The posts were not pulitzer-prize winning piece or something. But a tiny sense of accomplishment fills me up to have come up with those.


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