Bum, reborn on the net

Two years ago, the blog fad hit me. An online pal kept bugging me to visit his blog and post a comment or something on it. It took a while before I relented to his request. Right then and there, I was inspired to create my own blog.

Suddenly, I was hooked to a new passion that lasted for over a month. How passionate was I? I was able to create a blog entry for a whole month without fail. I can not recall a single time I was that diligent. Only an overseas job put a halt to it.

Looking back, I became the one bugging all of my friends to browse at my blog, comment on it and even link it to their own. And at the same, I entertained the idea of writing as a career.

It has now been three years since. Just like before, a friend encouraged me to start over. Honestly, I tried to continue my blog after I returned from my short overseas stints. It's just that I failed to come up with even one entry.

Nothing is more effective a motivation than compensation. He proudly relates how he's earning from his blog. The conversation convinced me that I can earn as well from blogging.

Maybe this time, I can turn this spark into a wild fire of passion and a rainfall of moolah.


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