some lessons are worth 100, 000 pesos

I used to be an undocumented Filipino worker in Japan. Part of the money I earned was placed to what I thought was a sound investment vehicle. Now, that investment is gone. Worse, it turned out to be a billion peso scam. Here is a look back how things started, materialized and ended.

The Investment

When I have money to burn, it usually ends up being totally spent to trivial things. When I first heard of the investment, it definitely appeared to be a better compared to my unchecked spending habits. How about earning a guaranteed 4 - 5 % interest? The business appeared legitimate because the money is said to be invested in foreign exchange, the company is operating reputably for at least 3 years, and the contact person having been a schoolmate appears trustworthy to me. After considering these things, I invested.

Passive Income Enjoyed

Well, I do not have the required minimum initial cash lay-out. My good friend, Alex, allowed me to ride with his investment. I started with 25, 000 two years ago. The income is not much but beyond what savings in a bank could offer. And the checks, issued from my good friend's personal account, virtually became my paycheck as I wait my next departure. After each trip to the land of the rising sun, I set aside some savings to increase my investment. Until January of this year, - my fifth time to invest - I was able to come up with 100, 000.

Counting the chicks before the egg hatches

And so I felt, I am financially good. I can pursue a new career. Earn little for my allowance and the income from my investment will take care of my household contributions until I am able to either land a new job or be able to return to Japan yet again. But I was so wrong.

All good things never last

Some weeks back, before the sad news came out, Alex informed me that the company's president ran away with the company's money. And that our investment is in trouble. I was shocked and was troubled by the impending loss. Since he is abroad and he is the one in contact with the company, I, as calmly as possible, told him that I would wait for him, and when he returns, we will immediately talk about our next course of action.

Some two or three days later, the sad news broke out. According to the news, our contact in the company, our trusted schoolmate, is in danger of being filed a suit. Aside from that, there was a break-in at his house by angry investors. I pity him, his family and I pity the angry investors who may have done that to recover their losses.

But at the same time, he should face the responsibility of answering the just demands of all investors including me. My good friend Alex will be back soon. And we will seek him out soon

The Aftermath

Yes, I am disappointed but I can not find within me to be angry to anyone for this predicament. Investors, as I consider myself to be one, really lose money.

What bothers me is that I became part of a scam because I convinced my girlfriend to also invest. And that I never really exerted any effort to find out how my money earned interest. The only thing I was concerned about is encashing the returns.

When I let others take care of things such as this investments, I have decided to put things beyond my control. Therefore, I am also at fault.

There is still a tiny drop of hope in me, that I can recover some of my investment. And that some other positive things will come out of this sad experience of my life.

Besides, I know I can earn the same amount anew or even more. But I doubt if I can trust any investment anymore.


donna de gracia said...

ok lang yan pare, better luck next time na lang po,,, madami pang opportunities na darating... sabi ko naman sayo eh, magbenta ka na lang ng tback... hehehehe :wink

Nova said...

Sad naman to hear that, although a friend of ours told me about it last Saturday pa coz I warned her against it dati but still they invested. Ganun talaga ang buhay, the greater the potential income, the greater is the risk. And yeah, its about taking responsibility over one's decisions...its a learning experience. Ouch nga lang! Hehe! Its nice to consult a financial adviser coz they know "legal" ways wherein you could invest and they could teach you also how to handle your finances...things na important pero di tinuturo sa school! Ironic di ba? Yaan mo na, dami ka naman pera eh! hehe!

~euo~ said...

hayaan mo na bro, mamamatay din un gagong un.. baka nga ngaun inililibing na eh..

binx said...

waaaah! ouch nga talaga yan...buti na lng ako natuto sa francswiss... nyahaahah! pero masakit pa rin un ha! nakakagalit talaga..:)

nweis, ok lng yan, marami yan kapalit. wag na nga lng uulitin.

Dize said...

buti na lang di ako naginvest dyan e di sana magkahalong galit at panghihinayang ang nararamdaman ko ngayon...parang ikaw...hehe
now you've learned and it's really nice sharing these things to others para maging aware din sila on this matter,investing...greater risk...
Wag ka magalala pare ko,sabi nga e...ang anumang nawala sayo e babalik din ito ng doble at higit pa sa inaasahan mo...Ipagdasal mo na lang yung mokong na yon...
...God bless you...

Ethan Hunt said...

awwwww!! that sucks man! oh well what can i say? tara lets hunt down that president and lets make his life miserable and make him regret that he screwed you guys. hehehe...just kidding...any ways....we are all not getting any younger now...let us not be fascinated of this invest and make me rich type of thing...i guess we really have to learn our lessons in life the hard way...the best things in life are really not should really be earned...the same way as that of learning the lessons in life...hehehe...

Apol said...

i always believe that buy and sell business is a better alternative.

imagine buying lots of matador and then let f7 feast on it. at the end of the day, you'll have a hard time counting how many bottles you can sell.

hehe! biro lang. kayang-kaya mo yan bawin as adsense. ;-)

Hye said...

Are you talking about FrancSwiss? I heard that it was really scam. I almost joined buti na lng nagresearch ako hehehe. Here's an article you should so you won't get scammed in the future. How To Check Scam Online money Making Programs

Anonymous said...

basta usapang pera bingi ako heheh di ako nkikinig sa kung anu anong mga investments! heheh pero kuya dont worry ika nga eh..pinagpapala ang mga inaapi!

deta said...

So sad! Nashock ako nung nalaman ko. Buti na lang na di na namin ni renew. Punta ka na lang uli ng Japan doms para bawi uli

Anonymous said...

doms, masakit talaga yan. Alam ko hard-earned money rin yan. Just wishing na sana matuto kayo sa pagkakamali ninyo. One scam must be enough for you to learn and think something... At hindi lahat ng tao na nagpapakita na may business license sila eh legal.

PJ said...

Pasaway Doms.. malamang hindi Franciss yan... puta.. nalugi din ako dun ng 47K sa Francswiss..

Pero wala naman akong sinisisi..kasi mas malaki pala yung nalugi sa'yo.. lumuwag tuloy loob ko..

Promiz di ko na uulitin yun..

Anonymous said...

ngayon lang ako nagkalakas ng loob na mag-comment bro. Sakit talaga, lalo na nalaman ko yung balita b-day ko pa. Buhay pa kaya yung president? Eh yung mga kasabwat kaya nung president?

good luck always!


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