This, too, shall pass

My father was admitted in a hospital this morning due to shortness of breath. This is the second time the ill effects of smoking too much when he was younger reared its ugly head. It was a tense moment for me. I sat there watching as he was about to be treated. All sorts of thing are coming to mind including the worst.

First, there were paper work. I cringed when hospital personnel ask for any kind of health card. I have none. My father should have one, courtesy of the cooperative he is a member of, but regrettably failed to renew it. Doing so at present will do no good because it will only take effect a month after. First blow, no one in the family have one.

Still, we're fortunate that I still have some savings left. It was enough for him to be admitted and to take care of the initial medicine.

I also cringed when I read the form I had to sign. There is some sort of "the hospital having no liability clause". But I never really had time to scrutinize the whole document, I was just too concerned with having my father treated.

After all the paperwork was done with, it's a little comforting to see that they are actually doing something for my father. A lot of needles found my father arms as a breathing apparatus was connected to his nose, the oxygen tank at the side.

I just don't like the idea of a number of interns watching beside him as the person administering the treament seem to discuss some things every now and then. I feel that they are obstructing the air. On second thought, the oxygen tank is actually helping my father breath.

I also found some comfort at the thought of being with an uncle and my mother aunt, who both traveled from Cavite, in this times. I even thought informing them was an overreaction on my part. Seeing that my father is glad enough to have his siblings close by, reminiscing their glory days, put some of my worries to rest. I, myself, can't help smiling at some of their family anecdotes. A welcome relief, indeed.

There is now an evident improvement on my father's breathing as well. Still, some test results are still pending. Hopefully, it can continue towards total recovery.

If you are reading this now, let me advise you three things;
  • have a close personal relationship with your family
  • avail of health insurance or health cards
  • stop smoking

I pray, this shall pass us, soon. 


Arnold Alderite said...

I know you that your struggles right now are temporary. Look at the positive side of life when everything seems dark. It is likened to being a very dark room, your only relief is tiny flicker of light. Look for it in your life and you will surely be relieved. At most, pray.

doms said...
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doms said...

Thanks Arnold.

Apol said...

Tama ka. That, too, shall pass.

Is he ok now?

binx said...

pre... been there...did that... many times for almost 4 years. Im sure, ull get the same miracles my father, my father and I got. Just dont lose hope. hope ok na c father.

binx said...
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donna de gracia said...

I hope he's okay now...
pray always and trust in Him, leave everything to God because I know He knows the best for all of us...

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