Bumming over Basketball

PBA All Star Game

Caught the latter part of the 2008 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) All Star Game last night in Bacolod City. Unsurprisingly, the South All Stars prevailed over their North counterparts to the delight of mostly partisan crowd who saw it live. The game was entertaining enough, even going to overtime and the North All Stars giving a little more than token resistance.

I can't help but recall the best PBA All Star Game ever. Two basketball icons, conspiring in a winning play in an all star game. Of course, I am talking about Jaworski drawing out the play in the time out and actually dishing to Fernandez for the game winner to beat the RSJ Squad headed by the likes of Patrimonio and the young basketball stars that time. I don't think any game can beat that. Ever.

NBA Playoffs

I am disheartened to learn that my Phoenix Suns are on the verge of being eliminated by the defending champs San Antonio Spurs again. When I read, that they took the current champs to overtime in game 1, and it took an improbable 3 point basket from Duncan, I felt the Suns has a great chanced finally getting over the hump.

But the way they were beat in game 2 brought back the doubt in me, and perhaps to the players themselves. The only thing I liked about that game is that my favorite player, Steve Nash, did not gave up even when their down 17 points early in the fourth quarter.

I was close to surrender when I read that they were beaten badly in game 3, at their home floor. And by the looks of things, they will be swept.

It is kind of sad to think that series between them, highly touted to be the best in this playoff's first round, has turned into one sided affair.

Just moments ago, I read that they (Suns) avoided being swept. But the trio of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker sat out even only in the third quarter. At the very least, the three are well rested to win the series in San Antonio.

I hope my Suns can do a 2004 Boston Red Sox on the Spurs - coming back from 3-0 down to win the series.


Anonymous said...

Its good that the PBA is still alive.

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