the bummy returns

Just a few days after I posted my last entry, my blog was accidentally altered.

The culprit was a person who is a marketing guru on the internet which ironically includes blogging. He reverted my blog layout into the classic template. That in turn, deleted all the modifications I made in my lay-out; entrecard, google analytics script, header, etc.

The accident occurred after the question I posed about publishing my blog on my own domain. He thought there will never be an effect on my blog. But he was wrong. Somehow, my good impression on him has diminished.

Yes, I have yet to monetize my blog. So, I really have nothing to lose in that aspect. But I was upset. The momentum I built on my blogging was temporarily halted. One by one, I had to redo all my customization. Instead of coming out with an entry, my limited internet accessibility was spent to bringing back my blog to its original working status.

What really made it worse is that I can not seem to use other templates aside from those provided by blogger. After uploading a new template or copying the html code of the template directly in my blog html, an error occurs. Blogger provides a reference code for me to report it. It is so frustrating!

I guess, I can not help it but settle with this one. Hopefully, my blogging zeal can come out stronger!


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