Umbrella Man

Do you bring an umbrella? Do you have one in your bag?

Why do most Filipinos do not bring umbrellas? 
I know asking that question while we are in the midst of a super hot summer sounds ridiculous. Weather analysts predict that temperature will even reach 40 degrees.

Just recently, I had the funny experience of using my umbrella, in the middle of the day, for the first time, due to the scorching summer heat. To think, that I already experienced a relatively same temperature abroad.

I saw a lot of persons, even ladies, braving the heat bareskinned. But many of them were sweating profusely, fanning themselves with their hands or grimacing in discomfort.

Aside from the obvious relief from heat, I also protected my skin from unhealthy exposure to the sun's rays. It wouldn't hurt too if my brown complexion would not get darker.

Here in our country, most are uncomfortable bringing an umbrella even with a rain imminent. Either they are plain lazy or too vain to think an umbrella could ruin their sense of fashion.

I am proud to say, I am neither. But if you are, I would like to share a worse breed. I had known one person who carries one but do not use it because it might get wet when it rains. Totally absurd!

Granted, it is bothersome to carry one. This is especially true when it already rained and your umbrella is wet. But I think its worth it if you avoid catching cold or fever.

Perhaps it is a subtle manifestation of our penchant for unpreparedness and reliance to the "bahala na" mentality.

I hope you start bringing one. You'll never know if it'll become too hot or too wet out there.  


donna de gracia said...

nakakasira ng porma ang payong eh.... hehehehe!! good morning!

~euo~ said...

bagong template ah..

ako palaging may payong sa bag.. pero pag umuulan lang ginagamit.. ;P

babybluefray said...

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sniper_niko said...

ei kuya nice blog!

ako lagi ko dala payong ko..

musta kn po??

hihih. add me to ur links ha


luanne_may said...

ako rin dati tamad magdalang ng payong, iba na ang panahon ngayon kailangan na talaga ng payong...nice article :)

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