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Saw Iron Man's adaptation to the silver screen last night. Never had the chance to read the comics counterpart though. So, for those who have yet to see the comics and the movie, here's my synopsis of it.

Iron Man is Tony Stark. A wealthy and scientifically gifted man, who owns a company that manufactures military weapons. Impervious, perhaps undeliberately, of the pain and suffering his creations and inventions wreaked, he enjoys a pretty much glamorous lifestyle. Only when he was kidnapped and coerced to recreate one of his missile inventions on for his terrorist captors did he had a change of heart. Thus, Iron Man was created as his way out of his captors and eventually as the hero.

Iron Man is a self-made robot/android by Tony Stark in his quest for self-redemption. And by the looks of it, a sequel in the works.

There are some things I found amusing in the movie.

One is the car battery attached to his heart that powers the magnet embedded in his chest. That gadget, by the way, keeps the shrapnels - he got from his abduction - from piercing his heart. Reminds me of the time, when me and my college friends were jokingly talking about a tiny cellphone but comes with a battery the size of a regular backpack.

Or the hero's love interest in Gwyneth Paltrow. I believe her name in the movie was Pepper. Sounds like a name of a puppy.

Overall, its an entertaining one.


If I were to create a local version of Iron Man...

Tonyo, is one of junkman boys of Ligaya's Junk Shop. In his quest for valuable junk, he saves an old lady from being run down by one of the henchmen's cariton. In so doing, he was pierced by radioactive metal, containing radioactive tetanus.

The old lady was, in afact, a fairy. She magically transformed Tonyo's radioactive tetanus-inflicted hand into a heating metal hand.

She also took notice of the kindness of Tonyo, asked him what he wants in return. He was bewitched by her beauty, and just ask her to be human and be his wife. Incredibly, she concedes and becomes Pacing. And they live happily ever after...

And Tonyo, who uses only his hand to iron their clothes, becomes Pacing's flat iron man.


Nova said...

In fairness, nakakatawa yung "flat iron" man! Wish I could find one! hehe!

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