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When I was maybe two or three year's old, a woman told me my mother died. And that she will be taking care of me from then on. From then on, I was her child, and she, my mother.

It's really true that when God takes back something or someone He has given you, He will replace that with more. For when He took my natural mother, He gave me Nanay* and lot more mother figures throughout my life.

My Nanay took me as one of her children when my mother passed away. I was only 2 years old then of a family of six children. She is my father's youngest sibling.

Being so young then, I can not remember my real mother and has only known her from pictures and stories, mostly from Nanay herself. My childhood memories are confined to those I experienced with Nanay, her husband, Tatay* Eniong and their child then, Ate* Melie.

I remember my first ever long trip - she brought me with her to Cavite. She was glad, or perhaps relieved, that I behaved so well and survived the journey without vomiting or something. From our limited time to chat, she always retell that to my delight.

I remember lessons with her. How I came to tears for not completing a sheet of my paper with my name on it, considering my full name consists of measly 6 letters. Or the reading sessions. The book tells of a family with a dog named, bantay. Jump, bantay, jump. I am proud to tell I never went to preschool and yet did well in my elementary days. All because of the best teacher for me - Nanay.

I also recall why I ate hot chilli pepper on my very birthday. I thought my playment is cheating that day so I spoke bad words to him. She was angry at me for doing so and never let me out the whole day. Ah... one happy birthday for me.

I also remember the first time I saw her cry. It was when Lenie, her youngest child then, died. Lenie had a bad fall that led to her death. I wish I could have been more comforting than just hugging her.

What's amazing with her is that she always remind me of my natural mother and of course my real father. She does not want to take credit for any of my achievements.

I saw in CNN a segment where people were asked to describe their own mother in one word. To me, Nanay is kindness. For those who have known me, and thought of me as such, it's all because of my Nanay.

The essence of a woman is not just bearing a child. It is more so in rearing one.

In this mother's day, I wish her good health and a loving children like me who will take care of her to the last of her days.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

I wish I could have a baby girl that would grow to be just like her...


Alexander said...

very touching article... love your Nanay with all your heart. Good thing she has been there with you while you were growing up

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