Of SMS and Scams

I am not an avid texter. For me, it is just fair that I am being charged everytime I do so. Making it free will definitely open it to abuse, given the Filipino craze in text messaging. The quality of service will definitely be affected.

I am amenable to the idea that the telecommunication companies just remove the expiration. Or as a compromise, prolong its validity. Lowering the rates for text messaging is naturally more welcome.

And what is much, much worse, making it free will encourage more scams via sms in the future.
Here are just some the messages that has found their way to my inbox (verbatim);

Message no. 1

(NOTICE) Ur simcrd# Won P250,000.00n our 2nd Anv,PreRaffle Drwlast:06/23/08 From:Millionaires Club Inc.4 mor info&dtails call me nw!Im sec.Vic G.Ignacio



Message no. 2

hon d2 ka na lang reply or call asap mahalaga sasabihen ko say send ka load 150pesos last text ko na e2

Honey, reply here or call immediately. What I will say to you is important. Send me load worth 150 pesos. This is my last tex message.



I bet most of you have received text messages like that. Or perhaps a variation of the message. I know most will not believe in these kind of scams, but what if someone does?

The best action is to lessen the means by which these scammers do their modus operandi. Making sms messaging free of charge is not one of them, ryt?

Disclaimer: I am not a part of any the Mobile Telecommunications company. I am not compensated in saying something like these. I am just pissed to received such messages. They clog my already limited inbox.


ur # 1 fan said...

naka received din ako ng ganyan, kala nya maloloko nya ako, nagpapapasa ng load na P150, ano ako bale! tinawaran ko nga ng P100, lugi ba ako dun?! (sounds family) hehehe


Binx said...

ayus ng yang scam scam na yan! walang panama sa francswiss yan.. nyahahahah! ngapla, di ako makalogin dun sa isa png scam este site.. ung sa loadxtreme.. di ko alam username and pwd ko e.. :( alam mo ba? hehe

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