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The recent days found me reviving my dealership in Loadxtreme. I do not hope to make money the same way as before but I think I can save on my personal cellphone load by doing so. I am also glad that one of my retailers is doing it too. And he has a blog called Prepaid Online to boot.

The system seemed to be back in normal operation. No delayed reception of load yet from the past week or so. That may be attributed to the less number of retailers/dealers using the system.

I can not blame those who got tired of the program. And there are still those that has yet to recoup their investment. That's why I am just advising this for personal use.

One optimistic news coming from the loadxtreme's website is the promise to return the existing loadwallet credits of retailers and dealers gradually. I think that is better than zero.


ur #1 fan said...

load! load! load!

load kayo dyan! :)

hope ok ang bagong management...

jhane said...

thanks sa load last time...

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