over my dead bum body

Death is a subject so uncomfortable to discuss. Yet it is more inevitable than paying taxes. And only few are preparing for it, one way or the other.

I have been contemplating on getting a memorial plan since last year. Only that, I have no regular income at that time. My friend Mina's aunt has been convincing me for a while about St. Peter's memorial plan. I am actually open to the idea from the start, it's just that my wallet isn't.

Now that my financial situation seems about to improve, I have decided to go on with it.

So, last week, I signed up. Just the basic plan. The thing I most like about the plan is that it's transferrable. That is a good thing if my elders would need it first. It also covers personal insurance.

Fortunately, I had my newsletter racket this month. I think that would be enough to cover three payments. Hopefully, my rackets increased.

Now, I have to find other source of income - for my vices which will eventually aid in killing me. That is the plan to benefit from the memorial plan. Hehehe!!!

In case, you are interested on getting a memorial plan for yourself and your family, I can refer you to someone.


binx said...

Ayus yan!!! alam mo talagang rerecommend ko yang mga ganyan. teka nga magawaan ng post yan.. :)

Canada Visa said...

Raket ba ikamo? Marami tayo nyan. You know where to contact me. ;-)

Alexander said...

wow si doms preparing na. Budgetan mo na rin ang Fern-c ko for your long life hehe

nikoganda said...

ei kuya doms,

i've made some changes po in my url please change it to www.nikoganda.blogspot.com

thanks so much and God bless!


ur # 1 fan said...

di naman daw madadala sa hukay ang kayamanan, so tama lang na ang kayamanan ang pambili ng paghihimlayan. bow!

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