Bum Economics

Being bum doesn't give me an excuse to keep tabs on my expenses. Proudly, I have logged my daily expenses since June last year. The initial goal that time is just to know where my savings are going. And eventually, some budgeting as well.

Sadly, with the recent increase in transportation fares, I feel the need to reconfigure my budget.

The 50 centavo increase, translated to a 12 peso increase in my usual transportation expense at the minimum. That's basically 360 pesos more for my monthly expense if I go out daily.

As a one of the solutions, I decided to try to minimize taking the Shuttle Service ( FX, Vans, etc.). Just this morning, I tried the bus. Perhaps, it was early, that the trip was relatively comfortable.

Secondly, I have to cut down on fastfoods. That means, I should go straight home instead of prolonging my stay outside of the house. So my meals will be free, ( hehehe!)

Thirdly, I need to limit watching movies in theater into once a month. Sorry, OMB ( Optical Media Board ). This might mean succumbing more to pirated movie releases.


I wish most you also monitor your expenses and have a budget.

I think this is a chinese adage, " a peso saved is a peso earned ".


Anonymous said...

once a month na lang manunuod ng sine? hay! how sad! bili ka na lang maraming dvd ha. hehehe!

~euo~ said...

nice.. try mo http://expenseview.com

buti dika tinatamad mag-update ng kagastusan at kaperahan mo everyday.. sken itinigil ko na eh, kaya diko malaman kung san napupunta ang kaperahan ko.

Anonymous said...

wag kang mangamba kuya rex..magwewelga TAYO..upang marinig ang iyong opinyon ukol sa usapin na ito.NYAHAHAHA!!!.^___^

Canada Visa said...

wow! ang tyaga mo ha. nakalista lahat. hehe! nakita ko na minsan yang paglilista mo na yan, pero di ko akalain na until now pala ay ginagawa mo pa rin. bravo!

binx said...

ilan beses ko na rin ni-try ang paglilista-lista na yan ng mga expenses... may manual, may excel and take note, i even tried using ms access kahit sobrang minimal lng ang knowledge ko sa excel... hehehe! pero wala pa rin.. wlang nangyri. kaya gudluck sau! hehe

doms said...

@ Canada Visa

Naging Habit na eh.

@ Binx
bago ko natuloy-tuloy, nagningas-kugon din ako. Pero magawa mo lang sya sa loob ng 21 days na dire-diretso, magiging habit mo na.
Pwede namang sa maliliit na notes lang muna... tapos saka mo na lang icompile...

Khaizee said...

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minglana.andrew said...

nice doms! hirap nga mag track ng expenses. need talaga to to monitor your cash flow.

grr! negative ang cash flow ko ngaun!

lunarpunch said...

Parang ang hiraaaap pero kelangan ko narin talagang gumawa ng ganito. Ang gastos ko talaga. Tenkyu, Kuya! :D

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