30 for 30

Today, I plan to challenge myself. I have to blog for thirty days straight. I think I need to.
I have done twenty consecutive posts before in my very first blog. Hopefully, I get to feel that zeal again and more.

Back then, I was cherishing my newly purchased personal computer and sucking every minute of dial-up connection I can. I was almost online daily and soon, the blog fad hit me. Finally, I was living one of my fantasies. I am writing for the world to see. I used to envy those who get their articles published in youngblood or in peyups. When I created that blog, I get to feel like a columnist in some small way. I gladly settled for that.

Also back then, I find it easier to write even though my life seem as boring and uneventful. With my zeal to come up with entries after the other is my energy to solicit visitors and comments from friends and online acquiantances.

This time, it is purely personal. I am blogging for thirty days for me. And everybody who have read this will know if I don't.


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