Secrets in the Flash Drive

Yesterday, I could not find my flash drive. The same one I bought early this year that proved to be very useful in my personal computing life. It served me well, most especially in my sidejobs, in my research, in my blogs and in my personal life.

I have some backups but its not updated. And I am grateful, I do not urgently need it these past few days.

But there's something in there that bothers me more. I have a very personal information I kept there that can certainly hurt a friend.

I pray that the one who finds it will just reformat it and then use as he or she pleases. Otherwise, he/she might explore its content. Worse, if that information get shared to the internet. It is not scandal-caliber mind you but shameful in its own way. And its the friend who will suffer more than me.

Now, it hit me how stupid I was to keep tab on a past misdeed. It is said that in the end, everything will be revealed. No secrets will be kept hidden.



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