A bowl of weed

I have been coughing for the last week or so. Damn that hot-cold, cold-hot environment and travelling.

Naturally, I sought over-the-counter medication and avoided as much cold drinks and cold environments as possible. In fairness, there are some noticeable improvements but the cough lingers on. Making it hard for me to sleep and a distraction to whatever I am doing.

When the weekend came, I welcome the thought of a nice long rest. Then it hit me to try Nanay's all-time prescription to coughs - oregano leaves.

I can't really describe oregano in a botanical sense nor its medicinal value, but in my childhood, Nanay let's me drink it whenever I have colds and coughs. As far as I remember, it works well in our family. To my limited knowledge, I treat oregano as belonging to a family of grasses that can easily grow anywhere just like weeds in the garden.

So, I asked a neighbor if she can give me some of the weed planted in their backyard. I was surprised to hear a long testimonial of the healing powers of oregano from this neighbor.

After obtaining the weed, I got a bowl, minced the oregano leaves. I was able to get two spoonfuls and drank it afterward.

A bowl of weed - Oregano leaves Herbal Medicine

Now, I hope that the weed will work its wonders on my cough.


Nanay is the Filipino word for mother.


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