doubts over my situation

Just when I thought I am on the right track, a big blow greets me in the face. It came in the form of a text message. "The account you are working on was disabled." What the fuck......

For some time now, I am working as an internet marketing assistant. My job basically involves research, article writing, editing, template customization and basic SEO for some sites. The goal is monetizing these sites.

I really like this job. I am grateful for the knowledge imparted on me and fulfilled to learn some on my own. This job offers an opportunity of never-ending learning experience about the internet.

I am thus fulfilled to see some earnings out of these websites. It gave me some confidence that I am doing a relatively good job. That I am on the verge of a new career path that is very exciting for me.

I am proud of myself whenever I accomplish things my boss delegated me. Especially if I did so out of my own diligence and perserverance.

And then this. All of those earnings taken away in one swift brutal blow. Making it much worse to take is that we were not given any reason at all. It left us wondering what did we do wrong. And I doubt if our appeal would go noticed.

Now, I honestly distrust the whole system. It is upsetting to think that our time, effort and money [of my boss] can be played like this.

More importantly, it made me doubt if I can be successful at this kind of job. :(


techsta said...

I think the question you need to ask is do you enjoy doing this 'job' with a passion .. your blog notes you as a bum ... remember you are what you say you are ...

stick in there set backs come and go life aint all a bed of roses ...

how many more sayings are there i wonder :)

good luck mate

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