Of Rain & Typhoon

When it is raining, we tend to ask the nearest person or our own selves if there is a typhoon or what. More so if we are not inclined to listen or watch for weather news and update from the radio or the television.

How then can we differentiate one from the other?

ON my way home this morning, I was met with rain. It was sporadic but voluminous. Visibility on the street is also difficult that I am thankful the driver was able to navigate safely.

I have come to differentiate seasonal rain over tropical typhoons by the presense of lack thereof of thunder and lighthing. If there is thunder and lightning, I consider it seasonal rain. When there is none, there is a typhoon. It is much easier to distinguish if the rain is accompanied by gusts of wind.

How I came up with that assumption is fooggy. Either it was taught in early schools or I was just gullible to believe it from someone.

Today's outpour indeed has thunder. When I came home, I overheard my father's transistor radio of tropical depression Karen wreaking havoc in the north.

I guess differentiating the two doesn't matter anymore. We are all in for a wet and gloomy day


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