First Blog Paycheck

November 2008 is proving to be special for my blogging. Today, I received an e-mail notification about the payment made to my paypal account.

First Blog PaycheckThis is payment for a paid post in my other blog. Hopefully, I can receive more writing tasks from them. True, it was only 9 Dollars. Yet, every first is a milestone.

This brings me new hope and energy to continue to blog and hopefully continue to enjoy self-fulfillment with this self-expression. The money will take care of itself.

Now, what can I buy out of my paypal's 9 $?


Prettymom said...

i remember when i got my first payment in my paypal account, it feels so great. more money to come

Mauie Flores said...

got my first blog paycheck also from Langtech. :)

Alexander said...

naks, at kinareer na rin ang pagba-blog. way to go brother. painom ka na sa $9 mo. ilang red horse na rin iyan hehe

eric/BlogDeManila said...

congratulation on your first! i'm sure you'll have more on the way!

i also received a payment on my paypal from Adgitize last Saturday. It's the first payment I got from them since I joined them exactly 30 days ago.

Adgitize is an advertising network like Entrecard (EC). It's almost the same like EC wherein you earn credits or points when you visit another member's blog, BUT the difference is that on Adgitize they convert your points to cold CASH at the end of the month and send you the payment on PayPal!

you may check my blog on how i received $13.55 without writing for anybody. for more information at

~euo~ said...

bat kayo nagkakapera, ako hindi.. bawal ba magmura? amf! :D

Interesting Filipino Posts said...

Good job! Optmize your articles more by posting at

fedhz said...

Hi! Yeah, I also received my first payment and it's from Lang Tech too. But I only got $7.50, but then they gave me a new task. Congrats! More to come!

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