Blue H1 Mobile PC

I finally have my very own netbook - the Blue H1 Mobile PC. I purchased it yesterday at Asianic in Park Square who  has an exhibit in Glorietta.

My very own Blue H1 Mobile PCAfter a lot of dreaming and considerations including Acer Aspire One, I finally settled with Blue Digital's Deep Blue Hydrogen 1 mobile PC.Based on application and my wallet's capability, I felt that Blue will be enough for my blogging and 10 K in six months is well within my budget.

My netbook features a 7" display, powered by 1.0 GHz C7-M processor and 1 GB DDR2 memory. Its 60 GB mobile Hard drive is enough for my files. It is pre-installed with LinPus Linux OS which was replaced with Windows XP by my best friend Ranel. It also comes with integrated speakers, a webcam [ that I think is obstrusively labeled as Digital Camera ] and touch pad. The LAN port, wi-fi and two USB ports will take care of my connectivity needs. Weighing only 2.6 pounds, this allows me to be on the go in search of free internet. ( Hehehe! )

So far, so good. Hopefully, I would not miss updating my blogs with my Blue H1 ultramobile PC.


~euo~ said...

ayus! tambay ka na lang sa for free internet access..waheheh

chiemartin said...

congrats on your new netbook. you may want to join NetBooks Philippines, a blog and forums for netbooks users/owners in the Philippines and abroad. kaya join the netbook bandwagon. :D

eric/BlogDeManila said...

that's a cool gadget! on the other hand i bought Aspire One, but I think Blue H1 is worth every penny!


Alexander said...

Maluffeeet ka talaga, sir. King of Bloggers ka na. Painom ka naman diyan, sir :-)

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