New Year, New Life

It has been quite a while since I posted something here. First, I wish 2009 would be a more blessed, healthy and prosperous new year for everyone. I guess I am really not that late in doing so as the Year of the Ox will just be ushered in on the 26th.

Part of the reason I become busy is the arrival of my sisters from Japan for a short homecoming, tagging along my nephew and a niece. Having known a few nihonggo words, I was the obvious choice to look after the kid and the toddler while my sisters took care of some formal appointments.

All the kid's and toddler's needs - clothing, food and toys - were prepared by my sisters beforehand to make the chore more manageable. Aside from the language obstacle, the experience was totally enjoyable.

One funny thing happened. Marika, the toddler, recognized one of her toys - a little toy car made of plastic. One that my Ate sent via door-to-door delivery prior to their arrival. This toy was intended to be given away to other nieces or nephews. Marika demanded that it be brought to the hotel where they are billeted. At one point, I even pulled the toy car with Marika seated on it.

The best part of it all was playing with the two as I got the chance to let out the child in me. Hehehe!!! Being with them made me wish to return to those time of toys, playtime and innocence.

Since it's the beginning of the year, it offers us the opportunity of a fresh start. Just like the kid and the toddler eager to explore life, grow and learn, we must embrace this new year as a new life.


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