Slumdog Millionaire Plot tugged my heart

slumdog-millionaire-plotRecommended by buddy, Ranel and with Oscar nominations to boot, it was just curiousity that I saw this movie that literally touched my heart.

The Slumdog Millionaire plot is about Jamal Malik, a contestant of the famous TV Quiz show Who wants to be a Millionaire in India. He surprisingly knew all the answers to the questions of the show much to the suspicion of the game show host. He had Jamal arrested and while under interrogation, it will be revealed that Jamal knew the answers because they (the answers he'd given) played a great part in his life.

Jamal's life is all about survival and finding his one true love, Latika. Joining the contest was for her because she is fond of the show. And in the end, he won the 20 million Rupees prize money and end up with Latika.

Slumdog Millionaire is a great feel good movie that comes as fresh and new. The use of the game show as backdraft in developing Jamal's character is total genious. The plot tells that the good will eventually prevail as long as there is perseverance and strength of character.

I dig quiz shows and good endings. The slumdog millionaire plot really tugged my heart.

If anything, it's a triumph for India's movie industry-Bollywood. And as I researched, the movie has 10 Oscar nominations including Best Picture. Wow! In that terms, the movie can stand side by side with Titanic and Lord of the Rings.

Do you also like feel good movies? Then, the Slumdog Millionaire and its plot surely has the goods and more. ;)

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binx said...

im watching it right now at just type in the title on top of the page. Happy viewing!

binx said...

uy ang cute nung girl ha! ung lovelife ni malik.. :) and parang Pilipinas lang ung squatters area.. hehehe!

carenmeman said...

Hi Pare! Thanks! Ranel and I enjoyed watching Slum dog ayoko nga panoorin at first pero ang ganda pala :)

Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 said...

Yeah, this movie is great..
I already watch it.
Slumdog millionaire will win Oscar next..

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