Free Online Game - My BRUTE

If you want to relieve some of the day's stress, you might want to check out the free online game - My Brute.

Free Online Game - My BRUTE
My Brute is a Flash-based free online game wherein you create your own "brute". Your brute will then fight against other brutes. As your brute fight, it will gain experience and equipment and increase in game my brute - omerdixon beats turburat

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What makes this free online game different from others, is that you have no control on how your brute fights. The only aspect you can control is choosing your opponent. The trick of course is in choosing same level or below level opponents.

You will challenge a brute as a way of registering. You can name your brute whatever you want and choose from numerous character images and colors. When registered you will be allowed to challenge 6 brutes in the arena. After which, you will only then be allowed 3 challenges per day.

Create your brute now and challenge me HERE.

As you watch your brute fight with another brute, you will get excited as on how the match will progress and cheer to your heart's content. You can even have pupil brutes every time someone creates an account on your brute's page.

This is my very first online game. Suits me fine, because I think I suffer from poor hand-
my brute - vochogto-eye coordination needed in order to play other online games. Apolthegreat introduced me to this game and has been enjoying arena fights for sometime.

I named my pupil brute, Vochog, from a chubby little puppy. It is now on level two and had already beaten apolthegreat. Hehehe!!!

my brute vochog wins over apolthegreat


Andy said...

Thank you so much for posting this. This helps me getting entertained and kills some time.

doms said...

Hey Andy, what's your character name? Want to challenge mine?

Problem though is their server, oftentimes there is an error.

But entertaining nonetheless especially if your opponents comes up with new gadgets or new moves..

Anonymous said...

Se quiserem que vos chegue a roupa ao pĂȘlo …

youngsong said...

Fight my brute! you will get a beasty brute after level up to 3!!!!

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