Google Docs for Freelance Content Writing

I have secured a freelance content writing arrangement. And since the job entails web research and writing, I thought I try out Google Docs..
google docs for freelance content writing My brain fried experience is not for naught after all. Through it, I was able to secure a home-based content writing gig. True, the pay is not that great and just enough to put some money on my pocket but I think the experience will serve me well in the long run.

Since, I will be researching thru the internet and will be composing unique content, I figured to try out Google Docs.

Google Docs is a free web-based word processor and spreadsheet, which allow you share and collaborate online.

To be specific, I am gonna used google docs' word processor for my research and the actual content that I am going to submit. That means I will be able to do my job in my Blue netbook [plus wifi connection], in any internet cafe and practically anywhere.


~euo~ said...

aba aba.. nagbubunga na ang pagba-blog ah.. may kaperahan na online..

doms said...

Euo, Ok na sana... kaso mukhang mauudlot pa ata.... Wahehehe!!!! Kala ko makakapagpakabit na ko ng internet sa bahay namin eh...

pinoywebdev said...

Kuya Doms, ok pala sa iyo content writing jobs? Bid ako and kapag nakuha ko, sa iyo ko ipasa ha.

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