I now know what is Google Reader

I have previously subscribed via e-mail to the blogs that I follow, but today I can not find the patience to look for their recent post/update via my inbox which currently have hundreds of unread. I need an alternative so I tried out Google Reader.

What, exactly, is Google Reader?

bum's life google reader account

Google Reader is a free web-based application that collects feeds, rss and atom, of websites that you would like to subscribe upon and displays their content - recent post - in one account. This means reading all of your favorite blogs in one place.

This is definitely way better than filling up my inbox and searching for them one by one. So, I unsubscribed from their email subscription and added them to my google reader.

Google Reader's home interface allows you to see all the updates of your favorite blogs or websites at once. Or you can view the updates individually per blog/site.

You can even share it with your friends thru their own google reader account.

The feature I personally like is that google reader allows you offline access. Although you would have to install Google Gears first. Once it is installed, you can download all the recent updates with just a click of the green online icon next to Settings. After which, you can disconnect from internet and read to your heart's content. Unfortunately, I can not do this now as I am on a internet cafe.

What is Google Reader? For me, it rocks!

What about you? Do you already use google reader? Hit that comment button now and let me see if I can add your site to my account. ;)


Jonelo said...

Thanks for this Doms. To give it a try, I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader.

Ben said...

Google Reader FTW! It's my favorite reader...I haven't tried many though :)

InternetHow Blog said...

I use google reader for a while now. That is the only way I can get up to date with nes and blogs I read. It is good that you discovered that too.

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