bum's journey back to blogging

bum's journey back to bloggingMy personal blogging activity is relatively dependent to my being a bum. My blog's name says it all. I'm bum no more nowadays but I need to resume my blogging again, all because I need more money.

In my last job interview, I was asked if my blogging would in any way be in conflict of interest with the position I was applying for. Without thinking first, I boldly declared that I can stop if the company would want me to.

In a sense, that proved to be prophetic as I was not able to blog for over two months. But it was not entirely because of I was keeping my word. It was more because my energy and attention was focused on the new regular job and the adjustment it entails. Especially that the job requires me to adjust my body clock to being awake at night and to sleep during the day.

Undoubtedly, better time management can give me the time to blog but my rest days turned to merely resting even my mind. There are instances I can think of a topic to blog about but fail to make head way in coming up with posted entry.

Some unexpected and sad turn of events in the past few days left me no choice but to make extra money. And blogging is one of the means I thought of. As my blog adviser always tells me, there is money to made out of blogging. I just need to find time and exert enough effort for it.

May was a good month for my blogging. I had more entries, promoted via entrecards. Naturally, I've had more traffic and more earnings. The past two months still had some residual micro-earnings. These were quite encouraging. All I need is being consistent.

If others are doing it, then why can't I. To the interviewer who has now become my superior, I am sorry I have to renege from that bold statement. I see no conflict of interest as I plan to blog about things independent of the nature of my work. I also believe, continuing my personal blogging is in fact favorable to the company. Blogging can develop my writing skills which will spill over to my job responsibilities.

That last statement, I hope and pray, would be prophetic as well.


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