Live Blogging the 82nd Oscars

Live blogging the 82nd Oscars. Having Monday for Off-days has its cool advantages! I need to be grateful to ABS sans the commercials.
Obviously, I have a lot of time for myself and I can't think of another more boring way to waste it. Apologies for typos and the general senselessness that you might read. At least you had been warned!

Here goes:

1:12 PM
Steve and Alec closes the show in jest.

1:07 PM
Tom Hanks presents best film award to HURT LOCKER.

The movie goes 6 of 9 in the awards night.

1:02 PM
Barbra Streisand presents the best director award. James Cameron, Catherine Bigelow, Quentin Tarantino, Precious and Jason Reitner.

Catherine Bigelow wins the Best Director and becomes the first woman to do so.

12:49 PM
A tribute to actress in leading role: Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan, Gabourey Sidibe, Meryll Streep.

Sean Penn reads the nominees for best performance of an actress in a leading role. Sandra Bullock takes the award and a tearful and witty acceptance speech.

12:31 PM
A tribute to actors in leading role : Jeff Bridges, George Clooney, Colin Firth, Morgan Freeman and Jeremy Renner.

Stunning Kate Winslet read the nominees and Jeff Bridges takes the award.

12:21 PM
HURT LOCKER wins the best film editing award.

12:15 PM
Alec introduces screenplay Oscar winner and Jason Bourne lead actor, Matt Damon to present nominees for best documentary feature. The Cove wins.

12:09 PM
300 star Gerard Butler and Hangover actor Bradley Cooper presents the Best Visual Effects. Avatar takes its 3rd award.

12:00 NN
Jennifer Lopez and another guy takes the stages who looks like the avatar lead actor and introduces the next performance - dance interpretation. They also presented the Best Original Score. Michael Giachino of tne animated film- UP.

11:53 AM
Sandra Bullock presents the award for outstanding achievement in Cinematography. Mauro Fiore of Avatar wins the award. Avatar takes it 2nd award of the night.

11:37 AM
Alec thanks the musicians. Steves tells of a tribute to horror followed by a video of their horrific night before.

New moon stars. Kristen Stewart and Taylor Laurent introduces a tribute to the horror genre.

Zack Ephron and a girl present the next two awards - Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. Morgan Freeman lends his voice in the explanation of the award. Paul N.J Ottosson of the movie Hurt Locker wins both the award (with another guy for sound mixing).

11:33 AM
Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica Parker are the next presenters for Best costume design. Hope I heard the guy's name right. What is SJP wearing? Sandy Powell of the film The Young Victoria won this award. Period pieces ought to have an advantage for this kind of award.

11:26 AM
Sigourney Weaver takes the stage presents the Outstanding Art Direction. AVATAR takes it first award for the night. I wonder if avatar can also match Titanic in terms of awards.

11:16 AM
Robin Williams presents the Best Actress in a Supporting role. Penelope looks awesome in one of the nominated films. Monique for her role in the movie Precious takes the Oscar. Her determined acceptance speech drew nice applause.

11:12 AM
Jake Gylenhall and Rachel McAdams presents for best adapted screenplay. I hope I got the presenters' names right. The winner is Jeffrey Fletcher for the film Precious. Acceptance speech is full of sighs.

11:02 AM
A guy in Avatar costume comes up. I think its Ben Stiller, presenter for best makeup. Scifi films would have an advantage for this kind of award. Just as I thought, STAR TREK takes the award.

10:56 AM
Steve and Alec are back.

Sorry, but I did not get the names of the two lady presenters. LOL! Best animated short film is the next award. The french animated Logorama won it. Producer Nicholas Schmerkin receives the award. Great speech.

10:45 AM
Matthew Broderick with a lady who I have no idea, talking about a John Hughes. A posthumous tribute, I guess. Pars of his film were shown, including Home Alone. And while his family watched, some of the stars who worked with him said some nice words including a grown up Macaulay Culkin.

10:38 AM Manila Time...
Nominees for the Oscar screenplay is shown. HURT LOCKER won this award. Intermission.


After Miley Cyrus and another girl handed out an award, here's my crush, Tina Fey. I wish I was Iron Man Robert.

I just got hold of my netbook and the following just happened.The animated film UP won the 2nd award.

The Nazi commander of the Inglorious Bastards just took the first award of the night.

Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin is this year's hosts welcoming everyone and making fun of themselves and everyone. Liked the script their reading. Well, if it's all ad-lib then I should get the transcripts to follow Steve's advice and get a life. LOL!


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