Blog Ads to Make Money Online

Blog ads presents ways to make money online. Ads through thousand of blogs has become a big part of online advertising. I have long been a part of the bandwagon, but this time I'd like to vary the ads displayed on my blogs.

Google's adsense is probably the easiest way to earn from blog ads. You just need to create a blog, place the necessary adsense widget or html code and Google will place ads relevant to your blog's content. That is what, I think, separates Adsense from other blog ads.

Blog Ads to Make Money Online
All of my blogs displays adsense but I'm still halfway through getting my first paycheck from it. Today, I decided to try out other ads for my sports blog. I opted for AdBrite, Bidvertise and Project Wonderful.

Of the three, I am looking at my project wonderful ad the most.

Project wonderful is an innovative online advertising platform for blogs. You create an adspace where in online businesses bid for their ads to be placed. What I like the most from it, is that it display statistics about your blog traffic to inform prospective advertisers. So, the more traffic your blog has, the more chances for advertisers to bid on your ad space with higher bids. It has low minimum payout of $10 that you can withdraw towards your paypal account.

AdBrite is another good platform of blog ads. It offers targeted ads for your blog but not yet on the level of Adsense. Its main advantage is it allows you to display ads from other platforms if they can not generate ads of their own.

In conjunction with AdBrite, I used Bidvertiser as an alternate blog ad source. Bidvertiser is also offering site-targeted ads somehow like Adsense.

I am really hoping that these three blog ads can help me make money online. I'll definitely boast, er... inform you if I do really make money from them. Hehehe!!!

Do you also dislay ads on your blog? What works for you best? Or you might have some feedback using the blog ads I mentioned. The comment buttons is yours to hit.


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