April Fool's Day Luck

I do not know how or why, but something convinced me to blog about Google's April Fool's joke that I end up having a milestone of sorts in terms of blog visits and adsense earnings.

In the process, learned something on how to get tons of traffic for one's blog. Don't worry, just read on. April fool's is already done.

At the office, I was just trying out guest-posting on blogs to boost the profile of one of the accounts I'm using for my company. The blog idea came upon seeing the letters TOPEKA instead of the usual GOOGLE letters on google's homepage/searchpage. Since, it's different from our company's niche, I decided to put the entry on a general blog.

Some research, linking to google's blog and personal words later, the blog entry was posted. I never noticed except now that google's blog displays a list of blogs that is linking to their blog entries. Whoala! That was an instant link. The official google blog sent me tons of traffic today ( April 2) which is probably equal to the sum of all visits to this blog the whole of last year! I became skeptical but my analytics and adsense reports were saying otherwise.

I'm not yet sure but this is probably a good technique if you want a surge in traffic to your blog.

Blog about something of significance. In this case, TOPEKA and then link it to a high traffic site like the google blog. Put in mind that the site you will link to should have a feature of Links to this post or something to that effect. Your backlink in that site can drive referral traffic to your site. If its massive, I'm sure it will do wonders for your blog and your blog earnings.

To those SEO experts out there, is my theory sensible? Or maybe this is still a part of Google's April Fools joke.

Please hit the comments button while I still convince myself that April fools day is not all pranks and jokes.


tintin said...

hope it works! -(crossfingersxxx)

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