Arizona Unemployment in My Mind

The thought of needing to find for another job is getting stronger considering the recent events in my job.

With my efforts to earn online not gaining steam, I am kinda alarmed and wishing just like my blog pal that I am in Arizona.

In Arizona, they have AZUI which probably stand for Arizona Unemployment Insurance. The service allows you to file for weekly claims in the event you lose your job.

If you are in Arizona and is currently unemployed, you might want to check this Arizona Unemploy Insurance - Filing Claim video to guide you in filing for weekly claims or check out or .

With the new administration of Pres. Noynoy Aquino ushering this coming wednesday, I hope the man he appoints in the department of labor would look at unemployment insurance like in Arizona.

Personally, I wouldn't mind having additional small deductions on my salary if it would mean less stress while in-between jobs.

For the meantime, I should take this money making online blog seriously so that I will not be left wide-eyed and penniless if my current job fizzled out.


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