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Blogger template change is a big decision to make especially when your blog already enjoys regular traffic, established a good follow or you are quite comfortable to seeing such design.

I decided to change the Blogger template of my Prepaid Cellphone Portal blog and I'm sharing a few things that crossed my mind while doing so.

  • Don't change the blog if its template ain't broke.
    If it's doing well in traffic/revenue and there is no functionality issues, it's better to leave it alone even if you find the newest premium template better looking.
  • The replacement Blogger template should be better than the previous one.
    I believe there is no perfect blogger template but there may be one that perfectly suits your blog niche or topic.
  • Why spend when you get a good Blogger template for free? Okay standing out is a good thing but if entails cash you can spend with sommething else more necessary, then think again. I recommend and for free blogger templates.
  • Download Full template before uploading the new blogger template.
    Even if you're the best xml/html coder, things can sometimes mess up. Murphy's law even affects Blogger template changing you know.
  • Adapt the Same Color for your new blogger template.
    If color theme is not the main reason why you're changing your blog template in the first place, it may be best to use the same color scheme in the new one. Your blog followers may also be turned off by the sudden colorfulness of their favorite blog - yours.
  • Remember the effective parts of your old Blogger template and try to incorporate it on your New one.
    Of course, only if the new one don't have it. Whether its the read more truncated option, ads beneath the blog title, analytics code or etc. It would give you and your regular visitors some continuity. The downloaded backup serves this purpose.
I am far from being a blog template creator or expert. This post is just putting my thoughts about the subject out in the open. Changing blogger template is as subjective as every blogger/designer. Achieving your blog's goal is the only measure to know if your decision to modify the template is a right one.


kristina said...

change must be always for the better. hope the decision is right. nevertheless, i always admire your works. :)

FreeMoneyMaker said...

I think changing and experimenting is always right nd it works.Good luck for your new template.

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