Making Money Thru Shared Blogs & Shared Adsense Ad Spot

Blog idol Apol presented me a wonderful way to make more money via Google Adsense - Shared Blog + Shared Adsense Ad Spot. Who am I to refuse?

Shared Blog + Shared Adsense Ad Spot

As he was busy with a lot of things, he no longer have the time to update one of his high traffic websites - High Demand Jobs.

As per our arrangement, I will write blogposts to keep the blog up-to-date and he will give a premium adsense ad spot to me . One that consistently earns for him.

Last week, I was able to complete the initial four posts required. And my ad has been running for 2 days now, and I already have earnings! Woot!

Shared blogs is a win-win solution in managing websites. Offering premium adsense ad spots can entice fellow bloggers for collaboration.

Good thing Google allows sharing ad space.


Noypi said...

Nice idea!

It's a win-win situation indeed. :D

Happy earning!

-- Noypi here

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