Spreading the Word on Facebook Scam: Southwest Free Flights

I just read moments ago from Mashable courtesy of my Google Reader account about the Facebook Scam: Southwest Free Flights.

Facebook Scam: Southwest Free Flights

" If you see a link on Facebook about Southwest’s complimentary flights, for heaven’s sake, don’t click it.

Like everything online that’s too good to be true, this is a bona fide scam. Once you click through the link and give the application access to your Facebook account via Facebook Connect, the app will post the same link you clicked on with accompanying text to a slew of your Facebook friends, all within seconds..."

I have lots of friends actively using Facebook, a few also in the US whom I presume is more targeted by this scam as they're more likely to be interested with Southwest's Free flights.

Well, at least the spam is more of an annoyance rather than worse. And, thankfully, Mashable posted a solution if one has been had by this scam in Facebook.

The solution is to remove the app responsible for this scam. Access your FB account, proceed to Privacy Settings and then to Apps and Websites. There you can see all the apps you allowed to access your account. Look for Travel Inn and remove it. The harder part is deleting all the spam comments made by the apps to your friend's accounts.

If you are an active Facebook user, check out Mashable's post yourself and spread the word about the Facebook Scam: SouthWest Free Flights. As Edmund Burke aptly said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." And that may include using social media like Facebook.


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