For the nth time my blogging stopped.

It had to take the backseat for a long while because I need to attend to a family medical emergency, death and other family matters.

Now that I can resume my blogging, I feel that this time is an online rebirth of sorts. What a better time to coin a new term, isn't it?

This is a reONLINEnaissance.


Reonlinenaissance is the rebirth of a blogger or a social media practitioner from a long lay-off that is due to unforseen, usually undesirable circumstances.

I hope that this term picks up to mean a blogger's resumption of his/her blogging work or an online social butterfly's silence from social networks.

For the nth time, I am resuming my blogging. And I can not say if it will never be interrupted again.

Nevertheless, should some turn of events prevent me once more from doing this thing that I enormously enjoy, then I surely will emerge more determined to succeed and have another re-online-naissance.


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